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College Library


     The Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tiruppur was established in the year 1966. During that period library was equipped with a minimum collection of books. After that the General Library’s collection increased to above 1, 00,000 including print and online resources. This library is one of the largest repositories of information in this region. It is modern in terms of services, infrastructure and information technology applications.

     The CGAC Library System consists of General Library and 15 departmental libraries which collectively support the teaching, research and extension programmes of this College. All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. Besides, the library has a huge collection of general books. It is proposed to establish a new building with various sections.

     The Library transactions are carried out by Bar Code Technology. It has the facility of Web OPAC-online search. So the library catalogue can be accessed through intranet, in future through internet. And the library has subscribed to online journals and E-resources in the field of Arts, Science and humanities through INFLIBNET.

     The Library has proposed to have access through mobile for the benefit of the students and staff to facilitate easy access to the faculty, Students and Research Scholars.

Library Collections

Total No. of Titles : 19540
Total No. of Volumes : 26389


International : 10
National : 10
Online(N-List) : 2890 +10 years back up + 3000 + E books

E - Journals


Eligibility to borrow books

UG Students : 4 books
PG Students : 4 books
Faculty : 4 books
Supporting Staff : 2 books

Dr. A. Chitra Dhavaputhalvi


Mail Id:

Contact No: 9994544655

Librarian as Chief guest Resource Person 2014-2019

Librarian Conference attended 2014-2019


Server : 1No.
Web OPAC Terminals : 5Nos.
Laser Printer : 1No.
Barcode Scanner : 2No.
Bed type Scanner : 1No.
Barcode Printer : 1No.
LED Notice board : 1No.
Projector : 1No.
UPS 1.40 KVA : 1No.

Value Added Services:

In order to meet the contemporary needs of the Library user, the College Library offers the following value added Services:

  • Circulation Services
  • Web OPAC
  • Reservation Services
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Internet Services
  • Reference Services
  • Reprography Services
  • Ie-Library
  • Open Source Resources

  1. Reference
    • Ready reference services are offered to the students and faculties for the retrieval of Information, articles and books. ( Average 2 – 5 queries per day)
    • Long range reference service is provided to the scholars like information, bibliographical details and articles for their research. (Average 2 – 4 queries per day)
    • Online reference service through e-mail and Intranet
  2. Reprography
    Reprography services are provided to the students and faculties.
  3. Information Deployment and Notification
    The following Current Awareness service are displayed in the notice board.
    • Newspaper clippings
    • Important Circulars
    • Conference & Seminar poster
    Web Online Public Access Catalogue (WEBOPAC) has been provided to the user. The user can browse and retrieve the online information. Web OPAC module facilitates on the intranet environment.
  5. Internet Access
    Internet Access is in use for all the regular users and outsiders on request
    Downloading the e-resource through online databases is provided to the users.
  7. Printouts
    Printing and scanning facilities are provided to the students and faculties.
  8. Reading list / Bibliography compilation – Guidance is given for bibliography compilation for the research scholars.
  9. In – house / remote access to e-resources are provided.
  10. Assistance in searching Databases are provided to the users on request

Does the library have an Advisory Committee? Specify the composition of such a committee. What significant initiatives have been implemented by the committee to render the library, student / user friendly?

Yes. The Library Advisory committee is to be constituted in order to give suggestions and guidance to develop our Collage Library into technically modernized and scientifically advanced information service center.

  • Identify ways and motivational factors for the most effective usage of the Library resources and services
  • Scrutinize the usage of the library holdings like Books, Journals, E resources Like e- books, e- journals, e-theses, shothganga and CDs etc
  • Suggestions for implementing the trends and technologies in the Library developments.

Give details on the Library holdings


Books : 26389 Volumes 19540 Titles
Reference Books : 976 Volumes 905 Titles
Journals - National : 10Nos.
Journals - International : 10Nos.
Journals - Dailies : 10Nos.

Electronic (e-books, e-Journals)

e - Books :
e - Journals :
  • N-List (UGC-INFLIBNET Consortium)

What tools does the library deploy to provide access to the collection?

  1. Web OPAC
    Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) has been provided to the user. The user can browse and retrieve the online information. Web OPAC module facilitates on the intranet environment.
  2. Library Access –
  3. In-house / remote access to e-publications

To what extent is the ICT deployed in the library?

  1. Library Automation
    The library services are partially automated using the standard library software package. The transactions are partially computerized and the documents are bar-coded. The bar-coded ID and the Scanner are used for charging and discharging the documents.
  2. Total Number of computers for public access
    IBM Server : 1Nos.
    HCL Systems : 5Nos.
  3. Total Numbers of printers for user access
    Laser Printer : 1Nos.
    Barcode Printer : 1Nos.
  4. Internet band width speed

    • Reliance Leased Line
    • Wi-fi connectivity
  5. Institutional Repository : Yes

    Question Bank
    Conference Proceedings
    Articles published by faculties
    College Calendar

  6. Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia (like INFLIBNET)

    DELNET – Developing Library Network, New Delhi

i) Average number of walk-ins : 100 – 150 per day
ii) Average number of books issued/returned/reference : 75 per day
iii) Ratio of library books to students enrolled : 1 : 14
iv) Average number of books added during last five years : 2874 volume 2342 titles
v) Average number of login to OPAC : 40 – 50 per day.
vi) Average number of login to e-resources : 20 – 30 per day
vii) Average number of e-resources downloaded / printed : 25 per day
viii) Number of information literacy : every day

Details of the Annual Library Budget

Provide details on the annual library budget and the amount spent for purchasing new books and journals.

Annual Library Budget

2014 – 2015 : Rs. 1, 39,383
2015 – 2016 : Rs. 1, 45,413
2016 – 2017 : Rs. 1, 99,980
2017 – 2018 :Rs. 1, 71,477
2018 – 2019 : Rs. 2, 20,474
Journals : Nlist online : : Rs. 5900/year

Does the library get the feedback from its users? If yes, how is it analysed and used for improving the library services.

Yes, we get feedback from its user regularly throughout the year. Suggestions & views from the user are being analysed by the Library Advisory Committee and recommendations are submitted to the Principal for further necessary actions. Almost all reasonable feedbacks have been implemented for the improvement of Library service.

List the infrastructural development of the library during last year.

  • 5 New computers installed. 3 computers for Digital library access and the remaining 2 computers for Library management system
  • Laser Printer installed for all the outside communication printouts and for important reports
  • Library Management Software installed. Membership and all the Library holdings converted
  • Horizontal Scanner installed for user entries
  • 2 Laser scanners installed for Library Transaction
  • 1.40 KVA UPS
  • Projector
  • LED Notice board

General Rules and Regulations :

All the students are sternly instructed to pursue the below mentioned rules for the smooth functioning of the Library

  • ID card is mandatory to enter into the Library
  • ID card is not transferable
  • Sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entering the library
  • Writing in, Marking or harming in any way, any belonging to the library is strictly forbidden.
  • If found any damage or defacement, the borrower will be responsible to replace a new one.
  • If lost the book, the borrower have to replace a new one, else pay triple the cost of the book.
  • ID card is compulsory for those who lend books for taking photocopies.
  • Silence to be maintained
  • No louder discussion permitted inside the library
  • Personal belongings not allowed inside the library
  • Textbooks, printed materials and issued books are not allowed to be taken inside the library
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Faculty can access the Lending service on all working days.
  • During power/system failure the circulation counter services will be temporarily suspended.
  • Readers must respect the serene atmosphere of the Library and avoid behaviour likely to agitate other readers.

Follow the rules and be benefited by our services.

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