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College Library

Dr. A. Chitra Dhavaputhalvi
Mail Id:
Contact No: 9994544655


        Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tiruppur was established in the year 1966. During that period library was equipped with a minimum collection of books. After that the General Library’s collection increased to above 1, 00,000 including print and online resources. This library is one of the largest repositories of information in this region. It is modern in terms of services, infrastructure and information technology applications.

        The CGAC Library System consists of General Library and 15 departmental libraries which collectively support the teaching, research and extension programmes of this College. All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled to make use of the Library facilities on taking library membership. Besides, the library has a huge collection of general books. It is proposed to establish a new building with various sections.
        The Library transactions are carried out by Bar Code Technology. It has the facility of Web OPAC-online search. So the library catalogue can be accessed through intranet, in future through internet. And the library has subscribed to online journals and E-resources in the field of Arts, Science and humanities through INFLIBNET.
        The Library has proposed to have access through mobile for the benefit of the students and staff to facilitate easy access to the faculty, Students and Research Scholars.


  • The renovated college Library acts as a knowledge hub from March 2014
  • With a mission to provide knowledge gateway to the user community with the state- of- the- art technologies.
  • The college Library has more than 25,000 volumes of books, besides
  • All the departments have their own department Libraries with subject collections
  • Library Resources and services have been automated on modern line (OPAC)
  • Digital Library is enabled with Wi-Fi technology
  • Online access of resources from UGC INFLIBNET N-List (E-books, E-journals etc.)

Dr. A. Chitra Dhavaputhalvi


Mail Id:

Contact No: 9994544655

Librarian as Chief guest Resource Person 2014-2019

Librarian Conference attended 2014-2019

Vision and Mission


To establish Library as the Knowledge hub to support Teaching, Learning and Research and to explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources to the seekers



  • To acquire, store, organize and disseminate resources for next generation in almost all Arts. Science, Management subjects and General books
  • To provide access of all kind of information services
  • Build and strength ICT infrastructure with value added services

Value Added Services:

In order to meet the contemporary needs of the Library user, the College Library offers the following value added Services:

  • Web OPAC
  • Circulation
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Internet Services
  • Reference Services
  • Reprography Services
  • e-Library
  • Open Source Resources

Readers Club Activities

Specialized services

i) Reference

1. Ready reference services are offered to the students and faculty members for the retrieval of Information, articles and books. ( Average 2 – 5 queries per day)

2. Long range reference service is provided to the scholars like information, bibliographical details and articles for their research. (Average 2 – 4 queries per day)

3. Online reference service through e-mail and Intranet

ii) Reprography
Reprography services are provided to the students and faculty.

iii) Information Deployment and Notification

The following Current Awareness service are displayed in the notice board

  • Newspaper clippings
  • Important Circulars
  • Conference & Seminar poster

iv) Open Source Resources

  • DOAJ
  • DOAB
  • Shodhganga
  • NDL
  • Google Scholar etc.,


v) Research Guidance to Research scholars

  • How to write / Publish articles
  • Where to Publish
  • Research assistance
  • Orientation
  • Counselling
  • Occupational information
  • Placement and follow up services
  • Personalized on line access of resources

Library Collections

Total No. of Titles             : 5293
Total No. of Volumes     : 6629
Online(N-List)    : 2890 +10 years back up + 3000 + E books

E - Journals



Eligibility to borrow books

UG Students
4 books
PG Students 4 books

4 books
Supporting Staff

2 books




Canon Printer 

1 No.


Barcode Scanner 

2 Nos.


Bed type Scanner 

1 No.


Barcode Printer 

1 No.


BSNL Landline with Wi-Fi connection

1 No.


LED projector 

1 No.


LED projector stand 

1 No.


LED Display Unit 

1 No.


HP LaserJet Printer 

1 No.


Ups Installed 



Digital Library DeLL 

10 Nos.


CCTV camera 

3 Nos.




  • Every Wednesday afternoon, Skill development events / activities conducted to readers club members
  • LED Notice board – to display thought provoking quotes,GK and current affairs
  • Providing internship training to M lib Science students from Vellalar college
  • Library Best user award every year
  • Personalized online resources access to the Research scholars

Webinar conducted

  • Resource Person @ Webinar Conducted National Level 07.08.2020 College Library, CGAC with MHRD, NDLI Dr. Vignesh Sornamohan Chief Strategic and outreach Officer, National Digital Library of India.

Seminar Conducted 

  • One Day Seminar Vaasi held on 06-04-2022 Special Address Pasitha Beeroli on 06-04-2022.
  • World Book Day Special Programme Kaakidham Yenum Aayutham held on 22-04-2022 Chief Guest: Dr.Kavi.Nadhan Tamil Ulaga Maiyam. Raghunanthan,Dr.B.J.AlamBaba, Author-IraiVelicham MR.Sundhareshwara Anbukrishnan (Chutty Star 2017)
  • One Day Seminar on “Library – Gateway to Life” In view of National Librarian day 2022 held on 08-08-2022. Dr.T.Stephen Asst.Professor & Head, Department of Library & Information Science, Vellalar College For Women was the chief guest.
  • Special Lecture on “Reading – Booster Dose to Mental Health” in view of National Library Week 2022 held on 16-11-2022. Dr.A.Mohan Kumar Asst.Professor in Zoology NSS-2 Officer CGAC was the chief guest   
  • Celebrating World Book Day – 2023 “DEAR-Drop Everything And Read” held on 20-04-2023 Mr.J.Sundara Pandiyan Village Administrative Officer Palladam was the chief guest.

National Seminar

List of E- Resources under N List Programme
✓ Cambridge Core (224 titles with 10 years backfiles)
✓ Oxford University press (206 titles with 10 years backfiles access)
✓ Economic and political weekly (1 title and access from 1966)
✓ Indian journals (250+ titles and access from 2007)
✓ JSTORE (2500+ titles)
✓ EBSCOHOST (H W Wilson and Net Library)(2800+and936 titles
✓ Ebrary E-book (134000+ titles) and MyLibrary-McGraw- Hill Ebooks (1124 titles)
✓ Cambridge books online (1800 titles)
✓ Oxford Scholarship e – books (1400+ titles)
✓ Institute for studies in Industrial Development (ISID)
✓ Hindustan Books Agency E- books (66 titles)
✓ Institute of South east Asian Studies (ISEAS) books (382+ titles)
✓ Sage knowledge e books (1000 titles)
✓ World ebooks Library (33 lakh titles)
✓ South Asia Archive

SHIBBOLETH (word / phrase) based ACCESS
✓ American Institute of Physics(AIP) (18 titles with 10 year back file)
✓ Annual Reviews (33 titles and 10 years rolling backfiles access)
✓ Institute of Physics (46 titles)
✓ Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles and 10 years backfiles access)
✓ Springer e-Books (2005-2011) (2300 titles)
✓ Taylor Francis e-Books(1800-titles)
✓ World e-books Library (30000000+ titles)


Annual Library Budget – State fund

2014 – 2015

: Rs. 1, 39,383

2015 – 2016

: Rs. 1, 45,413

2016 – 2017

: Rs. 1, 99,980

2017 – 2018

: Rs. 1, 95,209

2018 – 2019

: Rs. 2, 20,474

2019 – 2020

: Rs. 1, 99,934

2020 – 2021

: Rs. 1, 94,770

2021 – 2022

: Rs. 2, 35,835

2022 – 2023

: Rs. 1, 99,929

2023 – 2024

: Rs. 3, 39,989


i) Average number of walk-ins

100 – 150 per day

ii) Average number of books issued/returned/reference

 75 per day

iii) Ratio of library books to students enrolled

 1 : 14

iv) Average number of books added during last ten years

 6686 volume 5346 titles

v) Average number of login to OPAC

 40 – 50 per day.

vi) Average number of login to e-resources

 20 – 30 per day

vii) Average number of e-resources downloaded / printed

25 per day

viii) Information literacy

every day



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