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Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics

S.No Name Desgination Mobile Number Mail Id Faculty  Incharge
1 Ms B.THENMOZHI Asst. Prof. of Maths 9994159306 Coordinator
2 Dr J.BALAMANI Associate Prof. of Chemistry 9942510532 Member
3 Dr V.S.MEENAKCHI Asst. Prof. of Comp. Science 9442340859 Member
4 Dr D.SUDHA Asst. Prof. of Computer Application 9566683237 Member
5 Dr N.SATHYA Asst. Prof. of Chemistry 9786367093 Member
6 Dr S.SUMATHI Asst. Prof. of   Zoology 9486304033 Member


As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court an Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee has been established by the college to provide a healthy atmosphere to the students of the college.
Anti Sexual Harassment Committee deals with issues relating to sexual harassment. The committee is formed to prevent sexual assault, rape and other related crimes on girl students.
Goal : Prevention of sexual harassment to ensure safe environment for girl students for the studies.
Objectives :

  • To develop guidelines and norms for policies against sexual harassment
  • To develop principles and procedures to combat sexual harassment
  • To work out details for the implementation these policies.
  • To prepare a detailed plan of actions, both short and long term
  • To organize gender sensitization awareness programme.
  • To deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized

What is Sexual Harassment?
For this purpose, sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexually determined behavior (whether directly or by implication) such as:

  • Verbal or Physical threats.
  • Insulting, Abusive, Embarrassing or Patronizing behavior or Comments.
  • Offensive gestures, Language, Rumors, Gossip or Jokes.
  • Humiliating, Intimidating, Demeaning and/or Persistent criticism, Open hostility.
  • Suggestive comments or Body language.
  • Isolation or Exclusion from normal work or study place.
  • Publishing, Circulating or Displaying pornographic, Racist, Sexually suggestive or Otherwise offensive pictures or Other materials.
  • Unwanted physical contact, Ranging from an invasion of space to a serious assault (The above list is not intended to be exhaustive).

The following is also sexual harassment and is covered by the committee

  • Eve-teasing
  • Unsavory remarks
  • Jokes causing or likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment
  • Innuendos and taunts
  • Gender based insults or sexist remarks
  • Unwelcome sexual overtone in any manner such as over telephone (obnoxious telephone calls) and the like
  • Touching or brushing against any part of the body and the like
  • Displaying pornographic or other offensive or derogatory pictures, cartoons, pamphlets or sayings
  • Forcible physical touch or molestation
  • Physical confinement against one’s will and any other act likely to violate one’s privacy

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell assures all the complaints of the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs are treated with dignity and respect and the complaints should be maintained confidential.
False Reporting: Intentionally making a false report or providing false information is grounds for indiscipline.

For any Complaints, Queries & Assistance
Contact: 9994159306